Want cheaper greener electricity?

What we do

Energenie setup and manage the ongoing of electrical embedded networks for building owners and developers.

Energenie greatly reduces the hardware and software set up costs, saving you thousands of dollars – sometimes tens of

Once the embedded network is established, we run the ongoing management at no cost to the owners or tenants.

The price for electricity for the end tenant or owner will always be cheaper than what’s available in the marketplace.

Problems we solve

Sharing the benefits of solar panels equally with all owners/tenants.

We fill the rooftop with solar panels and ensure an equal share of the green electricity generated to all tenants

Be green without affecting your bottom line.

The solar panels are installed at a greatly reduced cost to the developers or owners, so you can achieve green ratings and reduce your carbon footprint.

Get power connected faster.

Our electricity meters are on the shelf ready to install, providing you with turn around times not achievable by local electricity distributors.

Streamline move in process.

The purpose built building management portal for the project is developed to handle connecting of power to tenants and owners, allowing same day connections and no hassles.

How it works

We install a single whole of site gate meter at the entry point of the site. We purchase electricity through the meter at large market rates (which are not available to an individual tenant or owner at the site).

With the addition of solar panels, we buy less electricity from the grid and generate more green electricity onsite.

The combination of the gate meter and solar panels means we can deliver greener electricity to the owners and tenants than what is available in the marketplace.

Big benefits

Energenie solution delivers big benefits for everyone, here is just a few:

01 | Reduced upfront with no ongoing costs

02 | Cheaper, greener electricity

03 | Reduce building carbon footprint

04 | Help tenant retention for investors

05 | Reduce body corp costs on electricity

06 | Go green without affecting your bottom line

07 | Have more control of electricity infrastructure

08 | Achieve green building ratings


Accept our offer

We submit an offer to supply all electricity meters and install all the solar panels on the project. In return we manage the embedded network for an agreed period.

Install and Commission the equipment.

We design and commission the electricity AMR system and install solar panels on the project at a greatly reduced cost to the developer or owners – saving you thousands of dollars.

Manage the network

Once the embedded network is established, we are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the network at NO cost to tenants or owners.