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The best way for your business to use energy in a cost-effective way is to monitor and control ongoing usage. When you have an unparalleled understanding of your consumption patterns, monitoring provides a world of new energy saving solutions including, spend tracking, forecasting energy management strategies and automating the switching on/off of appliances and machinery. This allows you to make better decisions to replace high consumption appliances and machinery or to switch them on at off-peak times.

Energenie has a range of Energy Monitoring Solutions that can track and report all aspect’s of a businesses energy consumption. All this data is visualised and displayed on-line in real time allowing you to make active decisions based on your energy profile.

  • Electricity Consumption from the grid
  • Electricity Consumption from on-site generation sources such as solar
  • Solar System Production
  • Natural Gas Consumption
  • Water Consumption

key benefits

Helps plan for the future

Being able to monitor power usage trends means you can develop realistic targets for future energy management. The detailed data means you can look at specific machinery, rooms or offices and develop action plans for energy reduction. 

Decreased downtime

Avoid equipment failure. Current sensors and CT clamps can help improve predictive maintenance, highlighting potential issues with machinery before it fails altogether

Ability to make instant changes

Being able to see everything that is happening in one central display means you can react instantly and implement changes to reduce energy usage

Continuous monitoring in real-time

Data collected by the sensors is fed back to a central dashboard and, at any given point in time, you can see the energy usage picture across your building or organisation, without having to wait for energy bills to come through.

“David is a superstar! Always provides me with great value tender submissions for all my clients smart metering requirements. Technical, efficient and great communication skills.”
Michael O
“I have been working with David for more than 7 years. For every project he goes above and beyond to exceed our expectations. David is experienced and an all round great guy to deal with.”
Alex J

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