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Purchasing commercial solar gives you an asset for your business, savings on electricity, tax benefits and reduced carbon emissions. While businesses may be concerned about the cost of a solar system, most businesses discover the cost to install solar works out to be cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid.

Add battery storage to further help your business reduce energy costs by retaining and using more self-generated energy in the morning, evenings, and on days when there is no sun.

  • Protect your business against rising electricity prices
  • Save money on your power bills
  • Bolster your green credentials
  • Access to free clean energy from the sun
  • Rapid return on investments

key benefits

Better for the environment

Solar electricity is one way to power your home or business that benefits the environment. There are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels.

Save on your power bills

You will see a saving on your electricity bill, because you will be using power from your solar panels during the day rather than just from the electricity grid.

Give your property more appeal

Solar power is in great demand and around one in four homes already has it. If you decide to sell or rent out your home or business premises, a solar photovoltaic (PV) system is a popular feature and may add market value.

Low maintenance

Grid-connected solar PV systems are generally very low maintenance. With occasional cleaning and a regular health-check by a licensed electrical contractor, solar panels should last around 25 years.

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